Zhaoqi Guo’s Patients

“His (Zhaoqi Guo’s) patients come from all walks of life – those who have given up on conventional medicine or those on whom conventional medicine has given up”.

Ottawa Citizen

“I met a 62-year old man who had spent three years in a wheelchair. He suffered from Lupus. His legs looked like pink and lilac stovepipes. The medications he had been prescribed triggered negative side effects. Within weeks of acupuncture treatment, all pain and swelling disappeared. He was off all medication. The last time I saw him, he drove himself to the clinic in his pick-up truck”.

Pat MacAdam, Ottawa Sun Columnist, October 15, 2006.



They were once considered dead people walking. They were terminal cancer cases written off by Western medicine. Independent of one another, they turned to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and are alive, well and cancer free.


“France’s biopsy revealed a rare form of cancer – lumps, tumours throughout her body and gastro-intestinal cancer. She was given six months to live, a death sentence which chemotherapy ‘might’ extend, she was told. Her oncologist said there was “no possible hope for remission”.

She was weak, losing weight rapidly and turned to acupuncture. Her oncologist was sceptical; her family doctor said ‘go for it’.

She consulted Zhaoqi Guo who operates Sino Acupuncture Clinic in Ottawa. She was treated five times a week for three months and placed on a regimen of organic vegetables, vitamins and exercise.

She felt change in two weeks. Regular CT Scans, MRIs and blood tests turned up negative. Her cancer specialist told her ‘modern medicine cannot explain this miracle’”.

Ottawa Citizen


“Francine was 17 when she had a two-stage thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine treatment for cancer. ‘I am the only teenager with that problem still alive’.

Thirty-four years later, her cancer returned – kidneys, lungs, liver, lymph nodes and glands. She was advised she was allergic to her medication and that the allergy could be fatal.

She discontinued medication and turned to Zhaoqi Guo and acupuncture. Soon, her medical report showed ‘no palpable abnormal findings’.

She was able to return to her job in the federal public service”.

Ottawa Citizen


“Marie, 62, felt ‘sick, indigestion, sharp abdominal pains’. Tests revealed she had a malignant liver tumour 15 cm x 11 cm.

“’Chemo reduced the tumour by 20 percent but I was sick. I couldn’t eat or sleep’.

“After acupuncture treatment ‘everything was clear – clear/normal. The tumour was gone’”.

Ottawa Citizen


Other Testimonials

Pat MacAdam

Ottawa daily newspaper columnist, Pat MacAdam, and his wife, Janet, first knew Zhaoqi Guo as an acupuncturist. Over the years, they have become fast friends. Pat wrote that his fear of needles was not "over-blown" but, until his first treatment almost 20 years ago, he had conjured up an image of Fu Man Shu using long knitting needles. Nothing could be further from reality. The disposable, sterile needles are the diameter of a human hair and "you don't even feel the slightest prick when Zhaoqi Guo inserts them". Pat recalls that on his very first hour-long visit he spent the first half-hour on his stomach.

"Zhaoqi Guo inserted three or four needles along both sides of my spine. Within five minutes I was dead to the world.".

Pat MacAdam wrote in an Ottawa column that he could trigger a migraine attack by drinking too much coffee and smoking too many cigarettes on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Or, eating chocolate on an empty stomach mid-afternoon would guarantee a migraine attack. MacAdam wrote that one morning he had a migraine so intense he wasn't sure he should drive to Sino Acupuncture Clinic. Once there, Zhaoqi Guo inserted a needle in the web of his left hand.

Zhaoqi Guo asked:

"Headache gone now?"

MacAdam wrote he was so stunned and his head hurt so much he couldn't shake it to indicate NO.

Zhaoqi Guo inserted a second needle in the web of his right hand.

"Headache gone now?"

And it was. Normally, MacAdam's migraines began in mid-morning, peaked in the afternoon and began to abate in the early evening. He was left with no pain but a queasy stomach remained and didn't go away until after "a good night's sleep". He has not had a migraine attack for 15 years but still does not tempt fate by "stupidly abusing coffee, cigarettes and chocolate".


Mrs. D.

A member of a well known Ottawa family suffered from violent migraine attacks and her family doctor recommended she try acupuncture. Her migraine history involved painful attacks spread over 16 years.

An attack could last 48 hours. She experienced unbearable pain, vomiting and had to confine herself to a dark room and block out extraneous noise until the attack ran its course. Unbelievably, Zhaoqi Guo cured her after just ONE treatment and she has not had a relapse for TEN years.



As you can see on the first picture, Janine had had facial paralysis for 4 years before seeing Zhaoqi Guo for the first time. Zhaoqi Guo's treatments made the facial paralysis disapear as you can see on the second picture.